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CASM Statement Regarding EU Initiation of a Solar Trade Case Against China

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WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 27, 2012 — The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) today issued the following statement, attributable to Gordon Brinser, president of Oregon-based SolarWorld Industries America Inc.

"The more than 220 member companies of CASM today applaud the decision of the European Union's Directorate General for Trade to initiate the anti-dumping investigation requested by EU ProSun against Chinese solar manufacturers. We believe that, similar to the United States, the European Union will come to the conclusion that the Chinese are violating EU and international trade law and we look forward to the results of the investigation next fall.

"We understand the scope that the European Union is considering for this trade case will be a comprehensive one. If the Chinese are found to have violated EU and international law, as we expect they will, the broader scope of the case will help prevent the Chinese from avoiding duties by shipping cells through Taiwan or another third country. CASM again calls for the U.S. Commerce Department to revise the scope of the American case in its final determination in order to stop the Chinese from causing continued injury by circumventing any final determinations from Commerce in October and the International Trade Commission in November and to provide effective relief for American industry.

"At the same time, it is extremely unfortunate that the government of China has repeatedly threatened to 'retaliate' against the European Union, even before the case was initiated. China's threats, unsupported by facts or evidence, are a desperate gambit to avoid the consequences of its repeated trade law violations. These empty threats should be condemned by the United States, the European Union, and all countries."

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The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing, founded by seven companies that manufacture solar cells and panels in the United States, has more than 220 employers of more than 18,000 workers who have registered their support for CASM's case. The founding manufacturers have plants in nearly every region in the United States, including the Northwest and California, the Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and South and support several thousand U.S. manufacturing jobs. For details about CASM, go to; email media questions to; other questions or comments may be emailed to

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